Axillary breast augmentation

  • Endoskopische Brustvergrößerung

Axillary breast augmentation

The so-called „key-hole“ surgery without large incisions or visible scars is on the rise in more and more areas of plastic surgery. This trend toward gentle endoscopic surgery is becoming more and more accepted internationally in breast augmentation. And yet only a few specialists in Germany apply this complex method for the operation although it is ground-breaking for patients. In Munich, Dr. Markus Klöppel, MD, specialises in this high-tech method also with implant replacement. Dr. Klöppel is regarded as a particularly experienced surgeon and authority in the field of axillary breast augmentation. He operates in the well-equipped Iatros Clinic.

Endoscopic axillary breast augmentation: What does an operation involve?

Endoscopic breast augmentation offers patients maximum safety and shape – completed results without visible scars. This special technique provides two major advantages for the patient:

1st Breast augmentation through the armpit means that the operated breast remains completely scar free. The typical visible „implantation scar“ from the still widely applied conventional surgical method in or near the fold under the breast is now a thing of the past.

2nd The endoscopic surgery technique under video control ensures maximum reliability and precision – and sets a new trend in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Endoscopic breast augmentation enables a precise view of the surgical field with the mini camera. In this way, the surgeon can optimally check his work on a monitor. This significantly reduces the risk of tissue bleeding or wound healing disorders. On the basis of the visual representation of the surgical field, haemostasis is much better, the positioning of the implants more accurate and certain and it is much gentler on tissue leading to a reduction in postoperative pain. And ultimately, of course, much better results.

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Quick facts
Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia
Duration of treatment: 1 to 2 hours
Hospital stay: 1-2 nights in-patient
Socially presentable: after 1 to 3 days
Quick facts
Shower: after 3 days
Sport: after 4-6 weeks
Solarium: after 4 weeks, protection of the scar for 6 months
Sauna: after 4-6 weeks

Breast augmentation: Positioning breast implants

Regardless of the method of operation, you need to decide whether the breast implants are to be positioned above or below the chest muscle. A position below the chest muscle is usually preferable because it is natural and results in softer edge contours. Moreover, from a scientific viewpoint, it appears to lower the rate of capsular fibrosis.

During a personal consultation, Dr. Markus Klöppel, MD, will help you find the ideal kind of operation and breast implant positioning. Surgical breast augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia and generally requires a hospital stay of one night. Beds are available in a private clinic with state of the art facilities and technology.

Breast augmentation: After the operation

The patient is always in the foreground also with surgical breast augmentation. The new technique described above involving endoscopically supported axillary breast augmentation should offer her a perfectly tailored result with maximum protection and technology.

As in all major operations. drainage hoses are inserted in breast augmentation (for the outflow of blood and wound secretions) but can be removed again after one or two days. The patient receives a specially adapted support bra from us which must be worn for about four weeks. After four days, you can return to work (non-physical). Sports and sauna should be postponed for about four to six weeks.

  • Brustvergrößerung mittels Achselschnitt

Implant replacement via keyhole surgery: No visible scars

Also with implant replacement, Dr. Klöppel prefers the so-called keyhole surgery without large incisions – as one of only a few specialists in Germany. As complex as this high-tech method of operation is for the surgeon,

it is as ground-breaking for the patients. Endoscopic implant replacement offers patients maximum safety and shape – completed results without visible scars.

Our special patient service after breast augmentation and implant replacement:

Even after breast augmentation just as with every surgical procedure, we do not leave our patients alone: We are available around the clock, even at night. A very tight control is a matter of course and should also reassure you.

To encourage faster healing, we cooperate with specially trained professional aestheticians and physiotherapists, who achieve amazing results through targeted pre-and post treatment.

  • Die endoskopische Brustvergrößerung über die Achselhöhle
Patient counselling:

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