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Cosmetic surgery is a matter of trust. Well-being is expressed in inner and outer beauty. Our team at the practice clinic is specialised in bringing your inner needs and outer requirements into line.

We provide aesthetic correction options at the most modern, highest international level. This guarantees the best possible results with the gentlest surgical techniques.

Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery:

The appearance of a person is characterised by inner and outer beauty. The first impression is often decisive for success in private lift as well as business – the latest scientific findings show that. More and more people, therefore, feel the need for plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery:

His many years of experience as a medical specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery makes it possible for Dr. Klöppel to harmonise your inner needs and outer desires. Aesthetic correction options at the most modern and highest international level enable optimum results in gentle surgical techniques and concepts such as “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic operation” part of our modern life.

Quality not quantity

The Dr. Klöppel and Colleagues clinic has been specialising for years in modern and gentle aesthetic surgical procedures for a natural and youthful appearance. Techniques that will result in minimal scar formation are preferred.

The key premise is a natural, fresh look in compliance with medical safety and high medical responsibility.

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