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What happens during liposuction, which areas of the body are suited for this procedure, for example the stomach, and where you are in good hands in Munich when undergoing liposuction. As a renowned physician and surgeon, Dr. Markus Klöppel, MD, is considered to be an expert in the liposuction procedure.

Liposuction is a method of surgically eliminating locally defined fat deposits in different parts of the body which are not affected by either diet or exercise.

Liposuction has belonged to the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures for years now and is suitable from both men and women who suffer from a local fat distribution disorder. The goal of liposuction is to achieve a more pleasing body contour through the elimination of fat cells. Because fat cells are removed during liposuction and are therefore no longer present in the body, no new fat deposits can form in the areas treated. A lipoedema, also the indication „saddle bags“ can be treated effectively in this manner.

Modern methods for the corrective procedure

Dr. Klöppel uses the tumescent local anaesthesia method with vibration technique. Here a saline solution which is adjusted to body fluid and contains a local anaesthetic is Injected under the skin (subcutaneous). The skin swells visibly and looks inflated (Latin tumescere = swell) Thus, the solid structure of fat cells is loosened similar similar to swollen wood, and the penetration into the adipose tissue with a fine aspiration cannula is facilitated. The vibration of the aspiration cannula also loosens the fat cells and gently sucks them out. In addition, „saddlebags“ can also be effectively treated with these methods.

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Fettabsaugung in MünchenQuick facts Liposuction
Anaesthesia: twilight sleep/general anaesthesia
Duration of treatment: 1 to 2.5 hours
Hospital stay: out-patient to 2 nights in-patient
Socially presentable: after 2 to 7 days
Fettabsaugung von Dr. KlöppelQuick facts Liposuction
Shower: after 3 days
Sport: after 4-6 weeks
Sauna: after 8 weeks
Solarium: after 4 weeks, protection of the scar for 6 months

What does an operation involve?

After the opening the skin through a small, about 4 mm long cut in the area intended for the fat removal (liposuction), an approx. 3 mm thick cannula is pushed under the skin.

The cannula is connected to a vacuum pump which creates a vacuum that sucks up the fat cells. All areas that should are to be treated by liposuction are accessed by gently moving back and forth.

Liposuction with tumescent local anaesthesia – the benefits

In this gentle method of liposuction, the blood vessels remain unharmed as far as possible, there is hardly any bleeding. For elastic fibres of the connective tissue which, for the most part, remain after liposuction ensure an adjustment of the skin to the reduced degree of filling by contracting.

The injected liquid is partially aspirated’ the other part remains in the subcutaneous tissue where it drains off in the first hours after the liposuction. For this reason, the small incisions are not closed. The scarring of the skin incisions are almost invisible after they heal. A lipoedema can also be effectively treated using this method.

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After the operation:

Immediately after liposuction, patients put on a compression corset which supports the above described adjustment processes in the skin. The compression corset must be worn for at least two weeks day and night, but can be taken off to wash. In the third and fourth week, it should be worn either during the day or at night.

In the first two days after the liposuction, we recommend rest, then the patient can go back to the work and participate in social life. Sports activities and the sauna are again possible after four to eight weeks for the most part. Swelling and possible bruising disappear in a few days.

Our special patient service for liposuction:

We do not leave our patients alone following liposuction just as with any surgical procedure: We fit you with a special individually adjusted corset and equip you with everything what you need for the first night and the period following. We are available around the clock, 24/7.

To encourage faster healing, we cooperate with specially trained professional aestheticians and personal trainers who achieve amazing results through targeted pre-and post treatment.

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Patient counselling:

Of course this description cannot take the place of our personal and detailed patient consultation.

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