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Specialist in Aesthetic Surgery: Dr. Klöppel

Dr. Markus Klöppel, MD, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, , has very successfully worked in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, led by the internationally renowned Professor Dr. E. Biemer, MD, at the Klinikum Rechts der Isar [university hospital (on the right hand side of the river Isar)], Technical University of Munich. Here, Dr. Klöppel gained experience in his scientific work to increase … Continue reading…

Popular cosmetic surgery procedures in our practice

Breast augmentation with breast implants

Very few women are happy with their breasts over their lifetime. The breast develops differently in every woman and can make a breast augmentation or breast implants desirable over time. Genetic predisposition, hormonal influences, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, sports and ageing processes all play a role.


Facelift, mini lift, brow lift, neck lift are an indispensable part of modern facial surgery. The goal of every facelift is to give a younger and fresher look through an individually step-by-step, natural correction. The facial features are not changed, the personal expression is maintained.

Eyelid lift

The first impression is often crucial – and the expression of our eyes plays the most important role. Ageing, gravity and environmental factors can lead to a sad and tired expression. Eyelid surgery shapes an alert, open eye with a radiant look


Liposuction is a method of surgically eliminating locally defined fat deposits in different parts of the body which are not affected by either diet or exercise.